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2019 Agency Applications

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United Way funds programs that meet these needs:

Strategic Plan Action Items

  • Income:

1.  Helping hard-working people obtain job training and jobs with family sustaining wages.

            Programs that enhance employment skills
            Programs that aid the unemployed or under-employed to secure employment
            Vocational programs aimed at the unemployed or under-employed

2.  Reduce family reliance on debt while increasing family assets.

            Programs related to financial literacy i.e. credit counseling, budgeting and savings

  • Education:

3.  Improving access to quality, affordable child early learning opportunities.

            New and existing licensed educational day care programs birth to age 3
            School readiness programs

4.  Partner with school and parents to improve graduation rates.

            Transportation for after-school programming and services
            Provide free tutoring for students especially TMS and THS students
            Provide academic and mentoring/coaching programs for at-risk students especially TMS and THS students

5.  Reduce youth risk factors through parenting education, after-school, mentoring and anti—bullying programs.

            Provide parenting education which motivates and reinforces parents to become involved in their child’s education
            Programs that motivate and reinforce at-risk students to become involved in regular after-school activities

  • Health:

6.  Drug-Free Community

            Community-based programming for drug and alcohol prevention (AA, NA, individual and group counseling services, after-    school activities, tobacco cessation)
            Programs that promote and provide community-wide alcohol free activities, parent education and social norming messaging

7.  Access to quality, affordable healthcare

            Programs that provide free or low-cost dental services to the uninsured or under-insured
            Programs that provide free or low-cost medical services to the uninsured or under-insured
            (Advocate for Free-Clinic style healthcare services)
            Provide appropriate localized mental health services

8.  Health education and preventative care

            Programs focusing on obesity, diabetes and asthma especially for youth

9.  Violence prevention and victim services

            Programs to raise awareness of violence issues within the community
            Expansion of victim services as needed
            Address the issue of shelter services for homeless men, teen boys and families